EZ Pool and EZ Spa Chemical line

If you are looking for a magic wand to fix for your pool and spa water chemistry, we have the product for you………..

The EZ Pool and Spa chemicals are a patented water care program that provides simplicity to maintaining your water chemistry.  This multi-tasking formula manages the water while eliminating the confusion and frustration of micro-managing your pool or spa on a daily basis.  The EZ pool and spa chemical is a once a week dose, thus giving you more time to enjoy your backyard paradise.  Let us help you take the hassle and fuss out of your water chemistry problems into a once a week dose.  The EZ care line is chlorine and bromine compatible.  They are the only company chemical line that offers a No Algae Guarantee!!!

Revive your pool go from Green to Clean in 48 hours………

Before using Revive After Using Revive

Need Chemicals?

Stop in at Illiana Backyard Fun 800 East Walnut Street in Watseka or call Kristie at 815-432-1100 to get help with your pool chemistry!